Note to Editors: A Terrific Canadian Innovation Success Story is Hiding in Plain Sight

Groundbreaking journalism often requires “shoe-leather reporting” – reporters burning holes in their footwear in search of a good story. At the same time, other major stories sit in plain sight but are passed over or ignored. 

History provides many examples. The invention of the television was disregarded as a flashy gimmick because, unlike the familiar radio, people had to spend time staring at the device. When a retail executive named Bernie Marcus was fired by the largest hardware chain in America in 1977, business writers said it was because his big concept to improve that sector was so far-fetched. After all, who would want to drive way out of the city to buy home improvement products in a giant warehouse called Home Depot? 

These anecdotes are almost funny in retrospect, but the reality of human perception is that new ideas and business breakthroughs can be very difficult to recognize at first. It is hard to know if this is the reason why there has been so little media attention given to Bombardier’s new game-changing business jet, the Global 7000. It could also be that the Global 7000 is simply the victim of shrinking news budgets and a focus on sensationalism in a 24/7 news cycle.

Irrespective of the reason, the lack of attention in the Canadian media came into focus following the announcement of our partnership with Airbus on the C Series, with headlines like: C Series is Canada’s last kick at Aerospace Greatness. This gloomy headline completely overlooks the fact that the Global 7000 – which is conceived, assembled, custom designed and completed in Canada – is on the verge of redefining the world-wide business jet market.

Here’s how: The Global 7000 is the world’s largest purpose built business jet. Designed around an ultramodern cabin experience and a pioneering new wing system, the aircraft delivers an unmatched combination of speed, range, performance and comfort for an exceptionally smooth ride. What’s more, the Global 7000 aircraft is the only business jet with four living spaces to feature a complete kitchen and full-sized crew suite. The Global 7000, which is scheduled to enter service next year, is generating tremendous buzz among aerospace insiders and, more importantly, its customer base – it is already sold out through 2021. And, Bombardier is actively looking to fill more than 1,000 new, high-paying jobs to support the production ramp-up.

Sounds like a pretty big Canadian aerospace story, right? We certainly think so. Yet, a recent national poll we conducted revealed, incredibly, that less than 23% of the Canadian public have heard about this amazing new aircraft, one that is hands-down better than anything on the market.

So here’s an open invitation for reporters, editors or commentators to come take a closer look at the Global 7000 program. There’s lots of angles to cover – high-tech jobs, great technology and of course the aircraft’s unmatched performance.

We think your readers would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this exciting new program and what it means for our company, our customers and the people of Canada.

Mike Nadolski
Vice President Communications and Public Affairs

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